27 november 2013

Tribute to Lis, the queen of the Daring Bakers

Only today I found out that the Daring Bakers suffered a great loss this month. Lis, the queen of the Daring Bakers, a.k.a. Lis Cifelli from La mia Cucina, has suddenly passed away. She was only 46 years old...

In November 2006, Lis of La mia Cucina, and Ivonne of Creampuffs in Venice, started the Daring Bakers. You can read about this history on the DB homepage.
In April 2008 I joined the group, and since that moment I posted 65 DB challenges on this weblog. My confidence grew every month, and my baking skills increased. 
In January 2013 my long-time dream was fulfilled: I hosted a challenge! We made "gevulde speculaas" and I had a great month. That was, of course, because of all these beautiful pastries, but also because of Lis' emails. Her kind words and encouragement touched me, as did her kind of hysterical way of writing :-)

And now January 2014 is approaching. In a few days I had to send Lis my new challenge. But she is not there any more. That is so sad! Only now I find out how much I looked forward to her enthusiastic feedback. She really was a wonderful woman.
I did not know what she believed in, what family she lived with, or even where she lived. But I know she meant a lot to a huge group of people. And a lot of them were bakers. Daring Bakers. Proud bakers. And they all loved Lis.

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Chef Mireille zei

I have to admit I am a sometimes member of the Daring Bakers and miss challenges at times. I did not know she had passed away so sad.
I have to say I am amazed at all of the challenges you have completed Kudos to you!