1 augustus 2016

Patterned pasta (Daring Bakers July 2016)

I am a member of the Daring Kitchen - to be precise: I am a Daring Baker. The Daring Kitchen started in November 2006 as the home of The Daring Bakers, then in May 2009 it was joined by The Daring Cooks. In January 2016, the two parts of the site were amalgamated to be simply The Daring Kitchen. The premise is to create one recipe each month, given to us by a monthly host. We all create the same recipe and then post about it on our personal blogs on the designated date.
If you love baking, and some cooking too, you can join the Daring Kitchen.

In July 2016 the challenge was “patterned pasta from scratch”, hosted by Dulcie, who writes on thetastetrail.com. Dulcie is an experienced pasta maker, as you can see here:

Isn't that beautiful?

I made a red-and-green striped lasagna, and used it to make Lasagna Emilia-Romagna, which the Daring Bakers first made in March 2009. I love that recipe, and made it numerous times since. My own pictures are below. They are not half as pretty as Dulcie's, but then I am a baker, more than a cook.

Dulcie's recipe is on the Daring Bakers website, and includes elaborate information on the colouring and shaping of pasta. Have fun!

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